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About Us

Construction worker in safety gear meticulously assembling wooden framework, alongside close-up views of modern roof tiles and a traditional brick chimney on a house with orange roofing.
About Impact Homes

Building is our heritage,
Quality is our tradition

For over two decades at Impact Homes Inc., we’ve been crafting exquisite homes in Port Charlotte that are more than just structures – they’re a testament to our deep-seated passion for quality construction. From each hand-picked material to the meticulous planning and execution, we imbue every project with the rich heritage of our building expertise.

Our tradition is one of uncompromising quality, seamlessly blending functional design with aesthetic appeal. This commitment has carved our reputation as a trusted name in home-building, creating enduring spaces that embody the dreams and lifestyles of our clients. We don’t just build homes, we craft memories for you and your family.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform our clients' dreams into reality by building beautiful, enduring homes that stand the test of time.

Our Vision

A future where you enjoy a home that is thoughtfully designed, expertly constructed, and reflective of your tastes.

Trusted Builders

We have cultivated a reputation as reliable, dedicated builders committed to delivering exceptional service and unparalleled workmanship.

Quality you can count on

High Quality Port Charlotte homes built for your family